White On White Summer Kitchen Trend

We are now into the summer months and most people will be wondering what current trends we are seeing in the kitchen design summer season. We believe here at Kitchens By Design that the white on white trend is in this summer and we will give you all the details about it.

White is a colour often represented by purity, cleanliness and simplicity. These characteristics perceived by this colour are perfect for an interior. The main feature of the colour white is that it can be easily adapted and modified into any kitchen design both modern and traditional. White works extremely well with wooden worktops and cupboards for that traditional kitchen style. Alternatively glossy white units and cupboards are perfect for someone that would be more inclined to go with a modern kitchen.

Having a white kitchen also allows you to focus attention on certain aspects and features of your kitchen. If you have wall art or a display unit in the kitchen full of proud ornamental pieces then a white kitchen would help to exaggerate those particular pieces and attract the most attention when you enter the room.

White is seen as unfinished when in reality is such a pure and fresh colour for summer. Consider it a fresh start and a completely blank canvas for you to tweak and alter in any way that you want.

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