Top 8 Tips to Prepare Your Kitchen For Summer

Summer is around the corner only being 11 days away and there's nothing better than injecting some summer life into your favourite cooking space. These 8 tips and tricks will ensure that you're kitchen has that perfect summer vibe. When you're not hosting your barbecues for friends and family or having your garden parties it's nice to enjoy all the perks of summer indoors.


I'll get straight into with probably the most obvious tip out of the 8 and that is to add a selection of flowers to the worktops and sills in your kitchen. Certain flowers such as daffodils and sunflowers are the most effective solution for a kitchen with their vibrant yellows and greens. Sunflowers come into season right in the middle of summer and therefore would be ideal. Yellow represents warmth and sun and both of these flowers will achieve that.

Wonderful Wall Art

There's nothing better than hanging up a summery picture in your kitchen to have a quick glance at when doing your cooking or going to grab your nice cold beer out of the fridge for your garden party. Hanging an image that contains scenes such as a beach, or a picturesque landscape will guarantee to make your kitchen feel more summery. Referring back to point 1, pictures that contain yellows and oranges are particularly effective.

Deep Clean

This is a simple yet effective step in preparing your kitchen for summer. If you put a little bit of organisation into your utensils and kitchen accessories it will make your kitchen appear neater and more spacious. As a result of this, the fresh air from outside will circulate in your kitchen better making the whole room more open-aired and spacious.

Herb Garden

Not everyone's initial cup of tea, but this benefits your kitchen in two different ways. A herb garden looks amazing in the kitchen on the windowsill. They give your kitchen an almost country feel whilst at the same time bringing the outdoors in which is what summer in the household is all about. Not only does a herb garden look really effective, but you have fresh herbs all summer to use in your cooking.

Kitchen Mirrors

Utilizing a mirror in the kitchen immediately reflects more sunlight and makes the whole room appear brighter. For this to happen, you need to hang the mirror directly opposite the window in the kitchen. This extra light will ensure that the kitchen is a happier and brighter place with a summery feel.

Change The Blinds

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of a kitchen the perfect blind finishes off the kitchen and once installed can be a simple and effective way of improving the look and design of your kitchen.

New Oven

A new oven could be the perfect addition to your kitchen, a lot of old ovens distribute heat unevenly and are not very energy efficient compared to modern standards. New style ovens range from Pyrolytic self cleaning ovens which will effectively clean themselves to steam ovens which do what it says on the tin cook through steam, giving a much more moist finished product. Call us on 01924 283783 to find out more.

New Accessories

If none of the above appeal to you, the easiest way to spruce up your kitchen design and look is with new or additional kitchen accessories, a new range of toaster, kettle and knife block or flowers on the windowsill, all can improve the look of your kitchen for the near future until you're ready to take the leap and have a look into a completely new kitchen design.

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