The Importance of European Kitchen Design and Installation

It goes without saying that when something is made in Europe you are confident that that you are receiving a high quality and reliable product that will certainly stand the test of time. These features we choose to encourage in the design and installation of all of kitchens and being a supplier of quality and affordable product is something that we like to showcase.

You may be interested to read below what other factors are vitally important to us as a showroom and why we utilize top quality cabinetry, worktops and appliances for each and every one of our customers.

When you think of modern high tech kitchens, you automatically think of the German manufacturers such as Bosch, Neff and Miele appliances combined with a sleek minimalist, handleless design. This style of kitchen can be achieved by using dedicated UK kitchen manufacturers as many of their latest styles and trends are influenced by the German Market. Take a look at two our latest ranges below to see exactly what is now achievable here in the UK.


When it comes to Appliances there is simply no beating the German Quality of Bosch and Neff which is why we are a Master Partner and display many of their latest gadgets with innovative features and functionality. Do you want to preheat the oven ready for when you get home? Do you need to turn it down, but you’re relaxing upstairs? How about checking the temperature of your Christmas turkey without going to the oven? All of these can be achieved with the latest technology from NEFF.   


Another feature which is hard to ignore is the vast range of styles, textures and tones that are found in the ranges of our UK Kitchen Suppliers. If you desire a solid oak wood grain door with a modern twist or alternatively a super matt finish door with an anthracite handleless profile, there is a style of kitchen available that will suit your styles and personality.


Whether you want to pair your kitchen with Granite or Quartz we only have to nip over to Spain and you have the leading brand in worktop manufacture Cosentino which are the market leader in surfaces for the world of design and architecture. They are the fabricator of Silestone, Sensa Granite and now the newest ultra-compact material on the market Dekton. All of these materials are available for you to purchase from us here in the UK and offer extreme performance, durability and breath-taking design.  Take a look below at two of my personal favourites to hit the UK market.

If you are need of more inspiration of require one of our team to assist you in your design choices for your new space then book a free design consultation with us now. Alternatively give the showroom a call on 01924 283783 and we will help you make the first steps into making your dream kitchen a reality.

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