Practical Design Ideas for a Smaller Kitchen

We’re not all in a situation where we have a huge kitchen to work with and redesign. In fact the majority of us have a small kitchen. With these tips and tricks that I am about to share with you, you can turn your kitchen into a cosy and practical cooking area.

Colour Choice

It is a world known fact that lighter and more neutral colours give the illusion of more space in a small room. We can take this even further as the colour really does depend on the overall feel of the room as a whole. Warmer shades are a fantastic option... such as cream and lighter pastel colours. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and having a colour scheme that is warm and welcoming all year round will certainly help. On the contrary, stay away from dark colours and heavily patterned surfaces. These tend to make the room seem cluttered and dark which actually make the room appear a lot smaller than it actually is.

Integrate Your Appliances

Moving forward into 2017, you will find integrated appliances in almost any new kitchen. Having them behind cupboard doors, or simply integrated with the overall design of the room gives it a de-cluttered and uniform feel which is great when you haven’t got the largest space to work with. Another option to consider is to integrate your waste disposal perhaps behind a cupboard door as this allows for more floor space. There are many modern bins available that have multiple compartments so you can sort between the recycling and the rubbish straight away.

Make It Magic

Make the most of your kitchen corners by adding a magic corner into the corner base unit. This gives you a huge amount of storage for all of your pans, pots or even food depending on the layout of your kitchen. Integrated cupboard shelving can also be a smart choice as you can store all of your utensils in a cupboard which de-clutters the worktops and again gives the illusion of much more space in the room.


If you have a small kitchen then lighting is vital when planning to redesign your kitchen. Ensure that all of the windows in the kitchen are not blocked by anything such as curtains or dark fabric blinds. You want as much natural light shining through into the kitchen as possible. A mirror is a tactical solution as they reflect the light around the kitchen and also give the illusion of a bigger space.

If you do not have a great deal of natural light available to you then installing spotlights under your wall cupboards can have a great effect also. Having spotlights installed ensures that your kitchen will stay light, even when it is dark outside.

Smart Shelving

The last thing you want in your kitchen is too many units as it creates a boxy feel and does give the impression of a small workspace. You can avoid this by installing open shelves on the wall. This not only eliminates some of the cupboards, but also gives you an opportunity to store some of your kitchen equipment that you like on show. In doing this you will also achieve a more cosy and cottage feel.

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