How to decide which hob is right for you

Gone are the days when gas is the prominent option for cooking in the kitchen. Gas ovens went by the wayside decades ago and perhaps eventually so will gas hobs. Its hard to make the correct decision without knowing the facts:

Induction Hobs

Possibly becoming the most popular option in modern kitchen design now more people are becoming educated to the benefits. Works through electro-magnetic technology which heats the contents of a pan directly enabling it to be roughly 4 x as energy efficient as a gas hob. Special pans made of a ferrous metal are required, usually as long as its a flat bottom pan and you can stick a magnet to the bottom the pans will work fine, at the moment Bosch and Neff do have a free pan offer on with the majority of their induction hobs, making it the perfect time to incorporate one in your kitchen design

Electric Ceramic Hobs

A popular alternative to gas in recent times until induction technology came to the for front of the industry(see below) but still an option that's readily available, tends to be roughly twice as energy efficient as gas and works by running a current through a coil under the glass surface of the hob creating the temperature required, when on the coil will illuminate bright red (as below). The main downside is the coil and the glass still stay hot way after use which can be a hazard to childrens wandering hands.

Gas Hobs

Although gas hobs are the least energy efficient, they still remain a popular choice due to being generally the cheapest upfront option and most kitchen design professionals don't take the time to go through all the features and benefits leading people to stick with what they have got. Gas hobs come in stainless steel, black on glass and most professional cooks still use gas for Wok cooking as on the picture above. Many people now decide against gas due to the simplicity of it being much harder to clean than other options.

Domino Hob

If you can't live without your gas hob but still want the latest technology don't despair, domino hobs give you the best of both worlds. Although obviously cost can be the deciding factor, for less budget conscious kitchen designs they can be the perfect option, giving you up to 8 pan positions in a mixture of gas and induction as the image below or usually the design will place a domino hob next to a standard one.  




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