How to Choose a Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen

Deciding on a colour scheme can be a daunting and sometimes frustrating task as you want it to be perfect and ensure that you make the right decision. With this guide, we will explore the many colour options that are available to you and also fit with your personal style.

Colour Palettes

The first and most important thing to consider when choosing your colour for your kitchen is to understand how a colour palette works and why some colours work together and some do not. The simplest and most effective way to begin this process is looking at a colour wheel. You may have come across these in primary school and thought they were pointless. It turns out they have a fantastic use that you can utilize when designing your kitchen.

The first thing you could take into consideration would be complimentary colours. When you look at your colour wheel, take two colours that are opposite each other on the wheel as these are proven to work well together. There are so many combinations of these, but they are all guaranteed to work together!

The second option that you could consider is colours known as analogous colours. These work particularly well as a whole scheme rather than a simple door colour. You would choose your door colour and then choose the colours either side of it on the colour wheel. This trio all bleed in to each other creating a fantastic overall effect in the kitchen.

Colour Wheel | Kitchens By Design | Yorkshire

Space for Colour

You can apply any colour to any room and it simply is down to a personal choice. However, you should consider a number of different things that your kitchen may or may not have before making a choice.

If you have a small kitchen with not much natural light then it is very important to avoid darker tones. A dark shade such as black or grey will make the room feel dingy, gloomy and almost unwelcoming. With this being said, you should choose a colour scheme that incorporates light elements giving the room an overall brighter feel.

On the contrary, if you find yourself with a larger kitchen, hosting a lot more natural light and high ceilings then you can consider darker options. The larger surface area and more natural light will still make the room feel spacious and airy.

Small and Large Kitchen Comparison | Kitchens By Design

Kitchen Theme

Whilst going down the themed kitchen route is not everyone’s cup of tea, knowing the styles and options that are available to you do give you an advantage and a lot more options to consider. Some of the most popular styles include Scandinavian, French, Country, Farmhouse, Modern, Italian and Art Deco. All of these have their unique features that you may fall in love with. I would suggest doing a little research into the different styles and noting down key points that you like about them. This will help you massively during the designing process of your new kitchen.

Scandinavian Kitchen | Kitchens By Design

You now have two different reference points that you can combine to create your ultimate kitchen colour and design. Use a theme to give you direction and the colour palette to decide on your shades and tones, you are then good to go!

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