Hottest Kitchen Trends for Summer 2017

We are fast approaching Summer 2017 and there are a host of new styles and trends that you and your family will love! If you are planning on updating your kitchen and are looking for some help and ideas to kick-start the process, then check out the latest trends below...


Industrial Ideas

The concept of industrial design and finishes has grown over the past and the trend is set to continue well into the summer. The minor details such as exposed brick, pipe, metalwork and copper and brass tones all elevate this fantastic look.

It is a finish that combines elegance with innovative and specialist solutions. It is a brand new look that combines form, function and aesthetics whilst creating a stunning overall design.

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Stunning Storage Solutions

The further we travel into the future, the less is on show in the kitchen. Kitchen designers and planners have a preference of hiding small appliances as it creates a clutter free look. Spacious drawers holding your plates in place or wonderful cutlery trays are a few of the latest trends. You can even add a magic cupboard to make use of that excess corner space.

All of these storage solutions provide practicality, style and function to create a clean and refined overall design.

Make it Monochrome

We are predicting a rise over the summer in blacks, greys and whites in the kitchen. The combinations of these colours function wonderfully together and are capable of creating some truly stunning workspaces.  You could purchase some black or grey appliances for a subtle effect or alternatively have a monochrome door finish for a deeper theme.

Technological Times

We are currently immersed in a world full of technology. Keep up to date with the latest technology-filled appliances such as integral speakers, Bluetooth, pop-up sockets and smart kettles and coffee machines. Do you ever wish that the kettle would boil itself ready for your morning cuppa? Now it can!

Copper Contrast

Copper looks fantastic and gives any room in the house a rustic and warm feeling. It looks especially well with darker tones. If you want your cooking space to make a big statement then invest in some quality copper products to give your kitchen the look it deserves.

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