Father’s Day 2017 in the Kitchen

In recent years we have seen a change in how we perceive cooking duties and many of us have witnessed fathers taking an active role in the kitchen. With Fathers Day 2017 just around the corner shouldn’t we buy him some fantastic kitchen gifts to keep him active around the kitchen and prepare some super tasty meals!


The best place to start would be the manliest tool in the kitchen, the knife! There are plenty to choose from depending on his skills in the kitchen. There are some great colourful knives such as the Taylors Eye Witness 5-Piece Kitchen Knife Set that not only liven up your kitchen workspace, but also get him in a happy mood when slicing those vegetables or preparing his favourite piece of meat.

If your husband takes the more classical approach to cookery then a slick and modern set of knives would be a fantastic option. These are not only excellent quality, but also give you so much flexibility when using they offer many different sizes depending on the task they are needed for.

For added style you could even purchase one of these Extra Large Universal Knife Blocks so they are all kept in the same place for him and also save space in a drawer etc.

If space is still as issue then you could opt for a personal favourite of mine. When I am cooking at home I love to display my selection of knives on the wall. They are now easily accessible whenever you need them and also look great on any kitchen wall.

To finish off the knife section, if your dad or partner is quite the clumsy chef and is constantly cutting themselves and you spend a lot of time bandaging him up then FREETOO Cut Resistant Gloves are the gadget for you. These gloves keep all of your fingers safe whilst chopping, giving them great practise at getting to chef level.

Barbecue Dad

It is a given fact that most dads love fire, barbecues and grills. Flipping those burgers and taking charge of the sausages is something that dads always see as their job. It involves getting the family together drinking and socialising. These gadgets go hand in hand with the barbecue and will get them grilling all summer!

This Oliphant 2253 BBQ Tool Set is the best value for money and includes everything that you need to get flipping. They are made from the highest quality stainless steel meaning you can use them over and over again knowing that they will never rust. At only £19.99 you can be sure to enjoy this practical and stylish set for a very long time.

A lot of men including myself are the more ‘wing it’ kind of guy and use guesswork to determine when a piece of meat is cooked. With this being said, there are some people out there that love to be certain and use science to determine this. If this is your man of the house then this ThermoPro TP-08 Digital Wireless Remote Kitchen Cooking Meat Thermometer is for you. It is a fantastic way of ensuring your meat is thoroughly cooked through and there will be no guessing needed ever again.

Last but no means least, which man doesn’t love a blowtorch! The CDC® DOUBLE FLAME Culinary Torch the perfect accessory for any barbecue and also opens up so many doors for different cooking styles. You can charcoal your corn on the cob, scar your favourite veggies or even make a Creme Brulee if you’re feeling adventurous.

Any of the gifts mentioned in this article will suit a dad that loves his way around the kitchen and the barbecue. With these reasonably prices gifts not only are you helping his future cooking, but also showing him appreciation and support his dedication whilst he improves his skills! Happy Fathers Day everyone!


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