6 Things to Consider When Looking For a Kitchen Designer

We all want that dream kitchen, but where do you begin? Choosing the right designer to do the job is usually a good place to start. You want someone with that edge over the competition.  You want someone that has a creative edge and uses their skills to make the best out of every possible scenario.  Here are 6 things that you should be looking for when you come into contact kitchen designer.

Great Reviews

This is becoming common practise nowadays before doing anything. Look at their reviews and see what real paying customers have to say about them.  The ultimate reward for any service is to receive a letter/comment from the customer with nothing but appraisal.

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People often talk about the whole process when leaving a review, so imagine yourself in their shoes. You will start to gauge a feel for their work and whether they will meet your overall expectations.


After the initial contact has been made with a designer, a key quality they should have is to offer you constructive feedback on your kitchen plans and ideas.

Ideally, you want a designer that is able to guide you through the whole process. To sit down with you and go through every little detail to ensure that the final creation is perfect for you.

The qualities of a great designer lie in the ability to inform and always have your best interests at heart when creating your kitchen.  Personally I would rather have a designer that is willing to cooperate with me and create a kitchen that I will fall in love with, rather than one I will regret in the long run.


Once you are satisfied by the reviews that you have read, then take a look at their portfolio. Get a sense of the potential that the designer has whether you like the overall finish of the kitchens that they have fitted in the past. Think carefully about whether the kitchen will meet both your demands in style and functionality.

Variation is key in any designer’s portfolio. This shows their creative side and ensures that they have a diverse knowledge when it comes to layout and style. An up to date portfolio that displays an array of styles, designs, kitchen shapes and themes is the sign of a true designer.

Browsing a portfolio does have other benefits too. You may even find some ideas and inspiration for your own kitchen.  Do a little research into the designer as this will give you a better idea of what they are able to achieve when designing your kitchen space.

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Flexibility is a key feature that every kitchen designer should have. Your ideas and opinions on different subject matters will change during the process and it is essential that your designer will listen to you and is open to new suggestions.

The designer should be able to provide you will many different variations of your kitchen design to give you the option to express your opinions on each one.  At the end of the day, you’re spending a lot of money on the renovation and you should be totally 100% happy before moving a stage further.

As well as being flexible with the design, you also need to know how flexible they are with timescales. It is good to have someone that can work to any time constraints that you could have.  They should be able to advise you on realistic timings whilst working to appropriate deadlines.  A great quality of a good kitchen designer is completing projects and designs on time.

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One thing that truly makes a good kitchen designer stand out is their ability to see your vision and direction.  The designer must be able to see what you want to achieve from your kitchen in order to create the perfect kitchen for you. From the initial meeting and design to the final proof and installation, the designer should be able to manage each of the individual stages.

You can pretty much tell from the initial design whether they will be suitable for your project. If you receive a design that matches your ideas, styles and functionality then you have found a great designer that is very much on the same wavelength as yourself.


As well as understanding your requirements and design specifications, they also need to be flexible and work with your budget if you have set one.

You need a designer that is able to adapt and change the quotation so that it becomes in sync with your budget. Whether you choose a different floor or perhaps lower specification appliances, these options should be presented to you when meeting with your kitchen designer. Who knows, they may even have a couple of shortcuts or top tips that give you a fantastic luxury design whilst keeping to your budget.

A quality designer should know exactly what you want and can work to produce a beautiful yet functional kitchen that consists of quality materials and appliances whilst keeping to your realistic budget. They should not try and promote unnecessary fixtures and fittings that are not what you require and do nothing apart from increase your overall quote.


Having your kitchen designed and installed by Kitchens By Design you are guaranteed to receive the best treatment from some of the best designers in West Yorkshire. We can work with you throughout every moment to ensure top quality design and installation.

We have years of experience in the industry and have the knowledge and expertise to create your perfect kitchen. If you would like to know more about us or want to get in touch for a free no obligation quote then visit our Contact Page and fill in the form.

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