5 Steps to Amazing Kitchen Lighting

It is very important in any kitchen to achieve the correct mix of lighting. Simply by utilizing the appropriate fittings in the right areas of your kitchen can really showcase the design, features and pull off an incredible atmosphere. There are so many options that you can have when it comes to kitchen lighting which can be rather daunting and confusing. This article will give you 5 steps to achieving amazing kitchen lighting.

Light Zones

Firstly, look at the plan of your kitchen and note what you use each section of the kitchen for. Different areas of the kitchen require different levels of lighting so once you have established this; it should be downhill from there.

You may find that some areas of the kitchen are short of space and therefore downlights may be the appropriate solution. On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen island then hanging feature lights would not only look amazing, but provide an excellent central lighting solution. You always need to ensure that the lighting blends in to the overall design of the kitchen. You want them to be a striking feature, but not disconnected from the style.

Having a control panel in your kitchen that controls each section of lighting will also help massively and give you the ability to control the lighting to your liking.

Light Zones | Kitchens By Design

Natural Light

Adding lighting in your kitchen does seem like a great choice, but do consider the positioning of your windows and try to work around this. The best kind of light is natural light. If you utilize natural light to the best of your ability, you will achieve a natural and airy feel to your kitchen area.

If you find yourself with large kitchen windows then you may find that not a great deal of other lighting is required. Please make sure that the other lighting you choose does compliment the natural light well. Green and red LED lighting is a great choice for this.

Natural Lighting | Kitchens By Design

Task Lighting

Every kitchen has a food preparation area and therefore needs task lighting. These prep areas need to be well lit for safety reasons and also aesthetic reasons. Keeping these lights hidden under the cabinets in your kitchen is the smartest move here. After all... they’re an essential and not a feature.

Task Lighting | Kitchens By Design

Mood Lighting

An intelligent choice would also be to incorporate mood lighting into your kitchen space.  Mood lighting works perfectly if you are looking to achieve a functional working kitchen, but at the same time give it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Soft yellows and oranges are great for creating that warm feeling; however the options do not stop there!

If you are an experimental type, then you could maybe incorporate blues, red or green strip lighting under cabinet edges for a fantastic finishing touch. Ensure that keep this option subtle and it fits with the overall style of your kitchen. You could even add a dimmer switch to give yourself full control of the mood.

Mood Lighting | Kitchens By Design


With all of the different options available to you it is important to make the space flow into one and allow your eyes to move throughout the kitchen without being drawn to one over-exaggerated lighting feature. You should be zoning your lighting so this doesn’t happen, whilst at the same time making sure they don’t look like separate areas.

If you also have an open plan house and find yourself with a kitchen that flows into a living room or diner then continuing the same lighting pattern throughout would work very well! This helps to bond the two rooms together and create that unity in the downstairs area.

To Finish

It is very important to consider your lighting and take advantage of the different options that are available to you. If you take your time and consider the most appropriate lighting for your kitchen, you have full control over the final atmosphere created and will love your new kitchen even more!

If you need any help or assistance with your kitchen, designing or lighting then please do not hesitate to call our team here at Kitchens By Design or fill out the contact form.

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