5 Must Have Gadgets for Your Summer Kitchen

Summer is finally here and it’s all about maintaining your body, dieting, exercising and get that perfect body ready for your holidays. With this being said, we here at Kitchens By Design have compiled a list together of our top 5 gadgets that you must have in your kitchen this summer to achieve a season full of fruit, vegetables and green tea to get you well on your way to the ultimate beach body.

  1. A Spiralizer

Imagine turning your favourite fruit and vegetables into spaghetti with the simple turn of a wheel. With a spiralizer you can make your dreams a reality, creating long vegetable strands for you to enjoy in a salad or whip up in a stir fry. You can turn your fruit into something a little different or even make the world famous ‘courgetti’.

  1. Juicers

There are some great advantages to having a juicer in your kitchen. The first one being you can extract all the juices from your favourite fruit and vegetables to create a nice refreshing summer drink.  Although frowned upon by nutrition experts for their excessive sugar and calorie content from juicing, the juice you get is bright, refreshing and makes you feel great after drinking it. Natural juice fights off colds and is also very easy to maintain your weight if you stick to the 8oz serving recommendation.

The second advantage of a juicer is that you can make fresh ready to serve tropical drinks and cocktails for all of your summer parties in minutes. Enjoy all of the natural flavours, sugars and juices from the comfort of your own kitchen.

  1. Flavour Fusion Water Bottle

In the hot summer months (days) it’s important to stay hydrated and entertain your sweet tooth at the same time. With this incredible design, you can make your own natural flavoured water simply by placing fruit in the bottom half of the bottle. It has a built in strainer to eliminate all of the pulp so you are left with superb natural flavoured fruit water without the sugary juices and soda that you would get from a supermarket.

  1. Lakeland Food Dehydrator

Create your own vegetable fat free crisps or packed full of vitamins dried fruit slices. Perfect for an afternoon summer snack instead of full fat nuts and a packet of crisps. The whole process takes no time at all, simply cut up your fruit and place in the dehydrator. It’s as simple as that!

  1. Blender

There are so many options you can make with a blender and I can guarantee once you have one in your kitchen you’ll use it all the time. Toss in some oatmeal and frozen fruit for a perfect healthy breakfast. You can throw almost any fruit or vegetable into a blender and see what amazing concoction you make. You might just end up making the best summer drink you have ever tasted.

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