Pendle Monsoon and Bleached Stone

Mr and Mrs Parker came to Kitchens By Design in the hopes of making their kitchen more attractive and modern. The kitchen they ended up with is one of the best we've ever seen and they were fascinated by the results!

2D Plan

They had the intention of completely changing how their kitchen looked, which allowed us to be very creative when designing and choosing aspects of their kitchen. We began the process of designing the kitchen by showing the Parkers around the showroom and displaying all of the options they had to choose from for doors, cabinets and worktops. The materials that stood out to them the most was Pendle Monsoon and Bleached Stone, so that is what we went with. Then we had to choose from the plethora of appliances available to put into their kitchen which would serve as a nice aesthetic and well functioning parts of the kitchen. Some of the appliances that were included in their kitchen was a Neff Microwave, a Neff Compact oven, a Neff steamer Oven, an Elica Exctractor and two CDA Wine Coolers.

The next step in designing Mr and Mrs Parkers kitchen was to pair their choice of door with a worktop which will compliment the looks of the kitchen. After considering many of the options we have on display in the showroom, we decided that Verona 30mm Quartz would be the best choice of worktop to have in their kitchen. However the Parkers also desired an island in their kitchen which needed a worktop which would stand out and look impressive in the heart of their room, which is why we chose the outstanding Black Beauty Granite to sit on the island. They were very impressed by the colours and how well they mixed and complimented each other.

The Parkers also desired a unique breakfast bar to contrast the island in the centre of their kitchen. We considered all the different options they had to choose from regarding the material of the breakfast bar and we concluded that a solid oak would look the best. They were very impressed by how nicely the Solid Oak contrasted the Black Beauty Granite. This was the final detail we needed in order to create a 3D rendered design of their desired kitchen.

3D rendered Design

Mr and Mrs Parker were a pleasure to work with and we hope you enjoy your new kitchen for years to come!

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Please see the completed kitchen below: