Metro Denim Blue

Mr and Mrs Mccabe came to Kitchens By Design in need of an upgrade to their current kitchen. The finished product of their new kitchen was incredible and they were not disappointed!

The Mccabes wanted to upgrade and change every aspect of their kitchen and end up with a new kitchen that was unique and personal to them. The first step we took in guiding the Mccabes to their ideal kitchen was showing them around our impressive showroom, to show them all of the different options we provide regarding doors, cabinets and worktops. After consideration the Mccabes decided that Metro Denim Blue suited their desired kitchen the most, so that is what we went for.

Then it was time to pair their choice of colour with a worktop that would stand out nicely, but will also compliment the aesthetic of the rest of the kitchen. We showed Mr and Mrs Mccabe all the options we could provide for them, and after considering their personal preferance we concluded that a Spectra Andromeda White worktop would look the best in their ideal kitchen. They were amazed by how well the colours matched and complimented eachother.

We then began pairing the material aesthetic of the kitchen with some new appliances that would not only make the kitchen flawlessly functional, but also look impressive and blend in with the style of the kitchen. Some of the appliances we integrated into the kitchen were a CDA built in microwave, a CDA angled extractor and a CDA integrated slimline dishwasher. 

Mr and Mrs Mccabe also desired new flooring and we came to the conclusion that a Moduleo Classic Oak floor would look the best in the design they wanted, which in the end turned out great and looked fantastic as a part of their kitchen. At this point we had all of the details we needed to create a realistic 3D render of their kitchen with all of their desired details. Upon seeing the render they were amazed by the details and looks of their future kitchen and could not wait to see it in their home.


3D rendered design

Mr and Mrs Mccabe were a pleasure to work with and we hope you enjoy your new kitchen for many years to come!

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen then do not hositate to call our design team on 01924 283783


Please see the completed kitchen below: