Langham Slate And Mayfair Supermatt Grey Mist

Mr and Mrs Shier were in need of a new, modern kitchen, and when they came to Kitchens By Design they were overjoyed by how well their new kitchen looked in their home!

The Shiers wanted to get rid of their current kitchen and completely redesign a new one which they wanted to be much more modern and appealing. The process of designing a new kitchen began by us showing the Shiers around our showroom to show them all the different options they had to choose from for doors and cabinet designs. They were very impressed by many of the options but they eventually decided that Daval Langham Slate and Mayfair Supermatt Dove Grey would be the best door and cabinet combination to bring their kitchen to life. This not only gave them a stunning contrast of colours, but also flexibility in the design by choosing our bespoke kitchen range. We then added some appliances to stand out in their kitchen and make it not only functional, but very sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Some of these appliances include a Neff Induction Hob, a Neff Integrated Dishwasher, an Elica Ceiling Hood and two Neff Slide&Hide Single Electric Ovens.

Then we showed Mr and Mrs Shier all the different worktops that they had available to put in their new kitchen. After considering many of the options they had, we came to the conclusion that Dekton Trillium would be the best to mix into their new kitchen but also stand out as a focal point on their island in the centre of the kitchen. Dekton is a ultra-sophisticated material that lends itself to a busy every day life and its properties such as scratch resistance, stain resistance and fire resistance make it the perfect choice.

Next the Shiers had the choice of a plethora of flooring options to add to their kitchen. We decided that Moduleo Hoover Stone 60 x 60 would blend nicely in their kitchen and work well with the Daval Langham Slate and Mayfair Supermatt Dove Grey to create a very modern, stylish aesthetic. Now we had all the details necessary to create a 3D rendered design with all of the Shiers' desired components.

3D Rendered Design

Mr and Mrs Shier were great to work with and we hope you enjoy your new kitchen!

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Please see the completed kitchen below: